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Jeff & Janet Sampson

Live Oak, Fl 32060


(386) 330-2302























NO Added Steroids, Hormones, Antibiotics or Animal by-Products

Market animals do not receive vaccines


Offering your family the same quality beef and lamb that are so important to our family

  Offering only animals that have been born, raised and finished on our farm.

All bulk orders are custom cut for the customer

All individual cuts are USDA certified for resale


Sampson Family Farm uses sustainable, environmentally positive practices on our farm.


By utilizing the practice of rotational grazing with multiple species we make the most of natural methods to optimize the health of the animals as well as the pastures.


By growing and harvesting our own hay, we can be assured of the quality being fed to the cattle during the cold season when grass is not available.



Our livestock are humanly handled by our family; we raise a low stress, easy tempered animals.

Water available to our cattle is naturally filtered

through the Suwannee Basin, clean and clear.

continued education is important for positive growth

                          National Cattlemen Beef Association              

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